The 17th European Career Fair at MIT

In this post I would like to write about one of the most rewarding experiences I had during my stay in Boston/Cambridge.

During every fall over the past 17 years, a new team of volunteers gathers at MIT with the goal of organizing the next European Career Fair, or ECF. 

The ECF brings European companies, universities and nonprofit organizations to MIT. The event includes a career fair day (where companies/institutions have the opportunity to meet candidates at their booths and at their company presentations) and two interview days held in a hotel in Cambridge.

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Back at EPFL after a year in Harvard

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 11.52.23 AM.png

Today, EPFL MediaCom featured four of our past bloggers! Check out what they are doing now after their year abroad: full article here.


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Pas Ni Pwoblem - Guadeloupe 2012

A short edit of my holidays in the Caribbean during Christmas 2012. Enjoy!

Pas Ni Pwoblem - Guadeloupe 2012 from Leon Duplay on Vimeo.

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Discovering Boston & Cambridge

I arrived in Boston at the end of August, and the first thing that struck me was the temperature! When I told some of my friends I was about to spend a year in Boston, they mentioned the very cold winter that Boston experiences almost every year, but I did not expect it to be so warm and humid over the summer.

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Boston and Beyond: The first 6 months

Arriving in Boston at the end of July, I did not start working on my project directly and had one free month on my hands to visit the city; walking by Faneuil hall and Quincy market is a pleasure.


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Meet Adrian: one of the newest additions to Lausanne to Boston


Hi, I am Adrian a master student in Microtechnique at EPFL and I have had the opportunity to do my master thesis at Harvard University. I have been living in Boston for 3 months now and it has been a great experience so far! 


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Montréal and my friends "les pures laines"

After graduation we went on a trip to Japan with the EPFL. There, while visiting Kyoto I met an amazing French Canadian (Max) and we became friend.
We only spent a couple of days together and it was almost two years ago, but we kept in touch.
As Boston and Montréal are close (6hours of drive, at least on an American scale), I decided to visit him for a week end.

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Lausanne to Boston: Meet Arnaud

Check out the first video installment from Lausanne to Boston!






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Happy Birthday Virginie!

Have a wonderful day, Virginie!!


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A vacation from Boston

While we are not busy studying and working in Boston, study abroad students love to vacation across the rest of the US to see what else is out there. From LA to Las Vegas, the US has some beautiful and interesting sights to offer. Enjoy!






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A couple of rhymes about wonderful America

On the other side of the ocean, we are also having lots of fun.
This year, Switzerland has the snow - lucky us - we have the sun.

1- An impressive view of NYC.JPG
On a three-day weekend, what else can we do? We go to New York with the whole crew.
Very fast and very cheap, lets take a Chinese "Fung Wah" roundtrip,

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5 months down...

Well, I usually think that pictures talk by themselves and don’t really need large explanations. However after two posts with only a few written lines and nearly five months spent here, I guess this is the right time to tell you more about my Bostonian year.

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Winter Travels

Santa Speedo Race in Boston: We were wandering around Prudential mall when suddenly wild Santas in speedos appeared in Boylston Street…and it was pretty cold out there. Boston IS awesome.


Trip to New York for New Year’s Eve: All photos belong to my friend Fabien Leimgruber


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Cells and Whales: Living our Dreams

In the last months, I had the luck of realizing two Dreams. Being in the US at Harvard-MIT working on a Tissue Engineering Project and watching whales.

Actually, both of these two experiences are about Beauty.

Beauty of these gigantic animals swimming in their cold kingdom like silent emperors.  They come and go smoothly as if nothing else mattered than being here and now. It felt watching them like they had some secret to teach us about Life.


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An Incredible Place

Through this post, I will try to convince you why Boston is the place to be for an exchange!
During those first 5 months in Boston, there are some things that have amazed me. I would like to say that those things are related to exceptional results I got in my lab, but let’s talk about it another time…

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Happy Birthday Amelie Guex!

We all hope you had a great day! 

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One-way flight: Milan-Boston

My Bostonian experience started the 14th September with a one-way flight Milan-Boston. After a couple of days to recuperate from the jet-lag and to find an apartment, the adventure could start!!!!

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Little me in big America

Upon arrival, we had some unexpected surprises, such as a little earthquake, little Irene becoming mad and the unpleasant chase of craigslist’s posts. Finding an apartment in Boston for the first of September is actually quite a bad idea as 200,000 other students are trying to find a place, too, but we had to go through this adventure and it was kind of a good way to get to know the city. In most cases, you end up in places that make you wonder if you’re really in the right country- Chinatown, little Italy or Jamaica Plain- but this makes Boston such a nice patchwork quilt.

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First Few Months in Boston

Mission Hill

First of all I want to quickly introduce myself, I am Arnaud Monnard, 23 years old and I come from Lutry, a wonderful town located next to Lake Geneva.
I grew up in the region of Lausanne and except for a year spent during high school in Zürich, I always lived and studied closed to Lausanne.
Being in the USA, and especially in Boston is a great opportunity for me, scientifically of course, but also culturally. I have heard and I still hear a lot that Boston is the most European city in the US, it is maybe true, but for me it remains very American and that is great!

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EPFL at the swissnex Boston Holiday Party!

Thanks to all of the EPFL Bloggers who attended the swissnex Holiday Party!! We hope you had fun!




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